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24 Nov 2019

Points to Consider in Finding the Best Health Insurance for Parents

Points to Consider in Finding the Best Health Insurance for Parents - Asura


Before you decide to choose, you should already have certain criteria, assuming that the health insurance you choose is right on target with your parents' condition. Well, to get these criteria you must pay attention to the following points:

  • Is the product in accordance with the health conditions of your parents?
  • Has the product covered all types of disease risks?
  • Is the limit of product care items appropriate to finance the likelihood of diseases that are susceptible to your parents?
  • Are there priorities for critical illness?
  • Have you known the health history of your parents?

Maybe the five questions above are enough to give an idea of the most appropriate insurance for parents. For details, please note the following points:

Complete is Important but Efficiency is Far More Important

We all know that elderly people tend to be susceptible to disease. Therefore, we often hear the term "parent disease". Well, this is why it is important for us to look for health insurance that suits our parents' needs. This point is also very close to question number 5 above, in order to provide the best insurance we also have to know the health history of parents so that insurance is truly targeted and not useless.

Many health insurance products offer a myriad of benefits. But, is the offer appropriate? Then, choose health insurance wisely. By knowing the medical history of our parents, we can be more efficient in choosing health insurance benefits.

Prioritizing the Risk of Critical Illness

The risk of critical illness can indeed come at any time, even though parents do not have this history. More and more days, new conquerors have sprung up, allowing increased risk to parents. Therefore, besides choosing the standard benefits of health insurance, it is even better if you complete it with the benefits of the risk of critical illness. This is very important considering that handling critical illness requires very expensive maintenance costs. Examples are stroke, kidney failure, cancer, malignant tumors, heart disease and so on.

Not all insurance companies provide complete protection against critical illness. Again, you have to go back to the first point to reduce insurance costs.

Moreover, you also have to ask whether the insurance will cover critical illness from the first stage. Most insurance companies provide rules for critical illness claims if they have entered a severe stage.

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