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16 Jan 2020

Should Used Cars Remain Insured?

Should Used Cars Remain Insured? - Asura


Although used, the car still has a high risk of accidents and loss. In fact, as part of a frugal lifestyle, many people prefer used cars rather than buying new ones. Besides having a physical condition that is still okay, the price is more tilted. But don't think that because it is a used car, you don't need to use vehicle insurance.

Both used cars and new cars are important to get insurance protection, because the risk of an accident or being taken by someone can still occur not only on new cars.

Therefore, the importance of insuring your used car is necessary. Then choose insurance that meets 3T for your favorite used car. 3T is best when the car is used, the best protection and the best in the bag. This makes car owners feel comfortable with their car ownership.

Indeed, there are different treatments between new cars and used cars. The used car needs to be assessed first by the insurance company. Whereas, the new car already has a fixed price when purchasing. The insurance survey the used car to measure the risk by physical check. The age of the vehicle is also a consideration if a car can be insured or not.

Every company has different policies. In addition, the age of the car also determines the type of insurance that will be used whether TLO or All Risk.

But if you buy used oil from a showroom, such as Mobil 88 or Auto Safe, it is not a risk survey because the showroom output car is considered good and fixed. The car is considered to have been reconditioned so that the condition is considered good and there is no need to check the risk anymore.

Premium costs for used cars are higher than new cars because used cars have loading costs based on the age of the vehicle. The older the car is, the greater the risk of damage. This additional loading fee is an additional percentage for cars aged 5 years. The cost of loading for each insurance company varies from 5-10 percent. Premium costs can be expensive with third party dependents, riots, natural disasters and others.

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