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29 Dec 2018

Two Things First-Time Airplane Passengers Should Know

Two Things First-Time Airplane Passengers Should Know - Asura


Many novice travelers worry so much about their flight arrivals and schedules that they unconsciously leave for the airport without carrying the necessary documents to board their flight, and this can make the first trip to the airport unpleasant. The main thing to remember here is that the most important document is your passport. Make sure it's relevant: ideally, it should have at least six months before the expiration date each time you travel abroad.

Be sure to order your travel insurance before you go for your vacation. Print your insurance policy document and bring it with you. Make sure you have an emergency number for medical assistance and a rundown of what you choose based on the policy you have.

Most airlines now issue e-tickets that can be displayed on your tablet or smartphone. So if you order online and expect a paper ticket to arrive at the checkpoint, don't panic — you will usually be given all the information you need to show the staff at the airport in your confirmation email, which can come from the airline you fly with or from a third party.

After you have shown all these documents at the check-in desk, the staff will issue you with a physical boarding pass: this shows information such as your flight number, scheduled time to take off, and your seat number. This also gives you access to the plane, so try to save it properly.

During the flight

Once you get to the airport and get boarded, you're almost ready to fly. Nervous? All you need to do on the plane is sit back, relax, and enjoy a few hours' rest during the trip.

First you need to find your seat, and make sure all your cabin baggage is stored properly. Most flights, especially longer flights, have arranged seating positions, so look for the number followed by a letter on your boarding pass such as '11 D '. The number corresponds to the line you are about to occupy, while the letter refers to whether it is a hallway, window or middle seat.

Cabin crew members wearing uniforms ranging from glamorous hats and heels to loose shirts in flight colors would love to help you find your seat and put your things in a safe place, which might be in a locker above your head or under a seat.

Prepare for take-off

Before your plane takes off, there are several procedures that must be done that might be worrying if it is your first flight, but everything is really routine and contributes to safety on the plane. You will be shown how to attach your seat belt, what are the different lights in the seat in front of you, and what to do in case of an emergency. Remember: every flight must go through this process so that your flight is safe until the destination.

You might be worried about the sensation of taking off, because the thought of heavy metal objects suddenly rising up into the sky can seem unnatural. There is no need to worry too much. Just enjoy your flight with ease and relaxation.

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